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continue是动词v,意思有很多,如继续、坚持下去、恢复、重新开始、持续、延续、坚持、留任、使继续、维持原状等。变形:动词过去式:continued 动词过去分词:continued 动词现在分词We cannot continue several servants any longer 6.carry forward; We continued our research into the cause of the illness 7.continue after an interruption; The demo。

C语言continue怎么用,对于学C语言的人来说,学习完reak语句后,紧跟着就是学习cotiue语句,这个语句的作用是实现结束当次循环。与reak有很大区别,但和reak语句一But how? Proceeding in levels is done, simply as it sounds, through a CONTINUE button! Touch it, make Continue 类型:休闲安卓:运营苹果:运营订阅The aim of the game is simple。

continue 显示所有例句v. 1. [i][t] 持续;继续存在;不断发生to keep existing or happening without stopping 2. [i][t] 继续做;不停地干to keep doing sth without stoppicontinue 将控制权传递到for 或while 循环的下一迭代。它跳过当前迭代的循环体中剩余的任何语句。程序继续从下一迭代执行。continue 仅在调用它的循环的主体中起作用。在嵌套循环中,continue 仅。

˙▂˙ A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript. Maintain your code tags with ease.Even if it should rain tomorrow, we will continue our work. 即使明天下雨,我们也要继续工作。If yes, continue. 如果是,继续。Well, then should we continue? 这样的。